Tres Rayas Coffee, was born at the initiative of a group of people with fresh and innovative ideas, highlighting the attributes not only of the quality of the coffee, but also of the landscapes, variety of climates, human talent and the warmth with which it is received. the visitor, finding a place to enjoy in peace and healthy coexistence, Tres Rayas Coffee was born as a response to the search for premiums for differentiated coffees, to the change of perspective from a conflict zone to an area with great tourist attractions, exploring a new line business for the benefit of the region.


Tres Rayas Coffee, is made up of 20 people linked to the coffee production and commercialization process in alliance with the association of indigenous producers of San Pedro Resguardo Páez de Gaitania (ASCI’SP) who work laboriously and respectfully with the environment, in the production of differentiated, high-quality coffee, carefully taking care of each of the processes that a coffee bean must go through from the seedbed to a cup anywhere in the world.


Thanks to these fertile lands, the large water resources and the conformation of microclimates, where the productive units of the Associates and producers are located, make the coffee produced in this area obtain differential characteristics in quality and cup, managing volumes to guarantee our customers compliance. We produce coffees with cup attributes with high and permanent scores throughout the year.


At Tres Rayas Coffee, there is an interdisciplinary environment, bringing together skills, professions and knowledge that strengthen all the production and marketing processes that coffee must go through to reach its destination while preserving its quality, respecting Good Production Practices (BPM). All accompanied by the best team of coffee producers with ancestral experience for more than three generations.